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Bernd Schuffenhauer GmbH is specialised in performing nationwide pharmacy liquidations. We are able and entitled to realise all required tasks at short notice.

If this should be desired, the manual labour required regarding the disassembly of all pharmacy furnishings (drawer units, etc.) is taken over and executed by us. Thus, following a binding order commissioning, we will hand over the pharmacy rooms in a broom-swept condition.

Prior to the start of all work, and to the extent that this should be desired and necessary, our expert staff will remove the pharmaceutical stock of merchandise, all stocks from the sidelines, as well as the storage vessels with chemicals from the shelves and the drawers.

If the customer would like this, the aforementioned steps will be preceded by an inventory for the pharmaceuticals whereat, both in the interest of the seller as well as in that of the buyer, the sales value of the goods will be established. This work can be performed by us on an up-to-the-minute basis. (print-out of the inventory with prices on the same day). The minimum shelf-life of the inventory should still be 11 to 12 months.

A purchaser can be brokered. The packing and transportation of the goods can be assumed by Bernd Schuffenhauer GmbH, in the name of the seller and on his behalf.

Should this be desired, the items from the laboratory and formula, as well as the literature, will be purchased by Bernd Schuffenhauer GmbH and set-off against the costs incurred for the liquidation.

A refuse container is essential for the disposal of old items. This container is to be ordered by the customers locally. In this regard, it would be sensible to obtain offers from a number of different companies. The minimum size should be 7-10 cubic metres.

All drugs and chemicals, incl. reagent kits, will be taken over by us in the original container (storage vessels) or be handed over for due and proper destruction; the costs for this are to be borne by the customer. Goods that cannot be sold are to be sorted out prior to collection, following agreement with the operator of the pharmacy (old chemicals).

With regard to remaining stocks, the items can be taken over by us on a commission basis. Remuneration shall ensue following the sale of these items.

Please take this advantage into consideration with your deliberations: returns and complaints due to the possible inability to sell the goods are thus excluded. If the pharmacy has already closed down, there will be no additional effort for the pharmaceuticals that were excluded from the taking back.

The evaluation for the laboratory appliances and the formula, incl. the storage vessels as well as the literature, will be ascertained on the day of collection. Of decisive importance in this regard is the state of every item on the day of collection. The prerequisite for taking over the objects will be the up-to-datedness with reference to Apo.Betr.0., the state of preservation, the functionality as well as the calibration of the devices.

The price for the equipment will be established individually. The prices for decorative objects will also be determined on the day of take-over.

Summary of the costs for the client:

  • 5% agency commission of the inventory amount for the warehouse stock.
  • Clearing out and expansion work of all kinds, as well as the packaging and loading of the objects, calculated at a price of EUR 35.50 per person/hour.
  • The removal of the equipment (drawer units, etc.) will be calculated in accordance with the scope and distance. Current price information can be requested from us per e-mail. (Arrival to and departure from will be included in the working time).